Visitor’s Pledge

17 June 2021

Economy Minister Diane Dodds has launched a new visitor pledge to encourage safe and responsible tourism across Northern Ireland while supporting local businesses.

Tourism Northern Ireland is inviting people to #MakeAGiantDifference and join the movement to take care of Northern Ireland by signing the Visitor Pledge here.

Developed in partnership with the Department for the Economy, The Executive Office, and the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs, the Visitor Pledge will encourage residents and visitors to behave responsibly and to take care of Northern Ireland in light of the COVID–19 pandemic.

Hosted on the Discover Northern Ireland website, visitors are asked to show their support by signing up to the pledge and committing to the three core guidelines:

1. Take Care of Each Other; · I will take care of myself. I will regularly wash and sanitise my hands · I will keep a safe distance. I will avoid crowds and choose quiet, open spaces. · I will be responsible. I will wear a face covering when required, and I will act immediately if I feel unwell or present symptoms.

2. Take Care of the Land; · I will guard its natural beauty. I will love the place by leaving no trace behind. · I will be outdoor smart. I will plan ahead, park responsibly, and respect local rules. · I will not disturb the land. I will respect people around me. I will keep dogs on a lead when needed, and leave gates as I’ve found them.

3. Take Care of Local Businesses; · I will support the business community. I will enjoy local attractions and culture and choose to support local, food and drink. · I will plan ahead. I will book ahead to help places prepare for my visit and I will be patient as we adjust to longer wait times and new guidelines. · I will respect guidelines. I will stay informed about current travel restrictions and local government guidelines and I will respect the wishes of businesses that are following them.

What small steps can I take to help promote the Visitor Pledge? :

Sign the pledge –

Share on social media and use the hashtag #MakeAGiantDifference!

The Spirit of Northern Ireland is Giant. And we can all take small steps to protect it. So let’s make a pledge to do what we can!

Team CA.

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